Improve productivity with the right test machine.


Why use Test Machines?

Why use Imatest Software on Test Machines?

  • Generate uniform results in R&D and manufacturing through test standardization
  • Provide consistency in your supply chain and hold suppliers accountable
  • Imatest has supported thousands of customers in image testing for 10+ years
  • Factories have produced tens of millions of units using Imatest software 
  • Image quality solutions for Automotive, Security, Medical, and Mobile Camera industries

Image Quality Tests:

  • Short and long distance SFRplus focus test
  • Geometric tilt, rotation and FoV tests
  • Autofocus VCM functionality verification
  • Dark noise 
  • Sensor Blemish detection
  • Defect pixel and defect pixel cluster detection
  • Relative illumination 



  • Color uniformity with different illuminations
  • Light field
  • SFRplus focus 
  • Sensor orientation 
  • Bayer filter position 
  • Unshaken SFRplus focus
  • Shaken with OIS on/off SFRplus focus