Collimators enable long-range testing to be performed in a compact environment. The relay lens elements produce a virtual image of a target focused at a long distance. Typically, these are focused around the or up to infinity. The helps with the precise alignment required when using this system.

The Imatest includes a validation procedure that ensures minimal work-distance error and an on-board computer that displays and saves camera positions, lens and light panel configurations, and simulated distances. The Fixture is adaptable to numerous camera systems by providing adjustable simulated test distances, interchangeable , and a variety of test charts. The Fixture integrates with Imatest , sizes C through G, and includes a joystick and computer-control interface for automatic positioning using four motorized stages, and storage and recall of device positions.

Collimating Lenses

LensWavelengthFoVExit Pupil SizeVirtual Object Distance
CL736iVisible70°15.0mm400mm - Infinity
CL921eVisible90°4.5mm400mm - Infinity
CL1021iVisible100°4.5mm400mm - Infinity
CL1223iVisible120°4.5mm350mm - Infinity
CL825IIR (850nm, 940nm)80°4.0mm400mm - Infinity
CL921IRIR (850nm, 940nm)90°4.5mm400mm - Infinity

This relay lens system is designed for R&D. You can request a quote from the . For more information, pricing, and current lead time, contact